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Eyebright or (Eurprasia) has a distinct small white flower with streeks of purple and a splash of yellow in the center of the flower.  Its name refers to its use for ailments of the eye but it has widely been used in tradition for coughs, colds, hay fever and sore throughts.

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Eyebright is said to be a semi-parasitic plant and it grows well in poor soil.  It is fairly commonly found in Europe, Asia and North America.  Herbalists recommend steeping all parts of this plant in hot water and drinking it as a tea for eye related problems on a daily basis. It is said to stimulate the liver to clear the blood and relieve those conditions that affect clarity of vision. It has cooling and detoxifying property that makes it useful in combating inflammation in sinus and throat related issues (The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia,P157).

Eyebright contains several beneficial plant compounds including Luteolin and Quercetin.  Both these compounds help inhibit mast cells that release histamine.  This is possibly why so many find relief from symptoms of allergy by taking this herb.  Another compound in the herb called Aucubin was found in studies to have reduce scarring of the heart tissue after operations or a heart attack which in turn improved heart function.

Colors of the sold product may change depending on when it is harvested and the region in which it is grown.


  1. Allergies and hay fever
  2. Ailments of the eye like conjunctivitis, cataracts, redness of the eye, inflammation in eye, eye weakness, ophthalmia, burning and soreness of eyes.
  3. Impure blood
  4. Throat congestion and upper respiritory problems (The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia,P157).
  5. Protects and heals the heart from damage of a heart attack.
  6. Protects the skin against damaging effects of sunlight.
  7. May lower blood sugar levels in humans.
  8. Soothes colds and coughs.
  9. Inhibits proliferation of harmful bacteria  Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae, (which are involved in eye infections)
  10. Aucubin  a sibstance in Eyebright protects the liver from oxidative stress and harmful toxins.


  • Because it can lower blood sugar levels diabetics should take care in administrating their medicines.
  • If used as a tea or extract directly in the eye, make sure to sterilize it first.
  • Since there there has not been enough studies done on the herb it is suggested that pregnant woman should not take it during pregnancy as a caution.
  • Some have reported irritation of the eye, variation in eye pressure, nausea and sweating.


According to WebMD no medicinal interactions has been found to date.

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